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Fallowfield Stables
Charleroi, PA
Fallowfield Stables ("Horses with Heart" Therapy)
Fallowfield, in conjunction with "Horses with Heart Therapeutic Riding Center", offers
sessions in both Therapeutic Riding and Hippotherapy.

Hippotherapy is a form of health treatment with the help of a horse.  Hippotherapy is not
a riding lesson; but a 30-minute private riding session with our exercise physiologist,
therapeutic riding instructor and side walkers.  Specialized physical therapy techniques
and exercises are incorporated into the ride to improve balance, coordination and motor

Therapeutic Riding differs from hippotherapy
in that its purpose is to teach basic horsemanship
and riding skills to disabled persons.  
Like hippotherapy, the benefits include balance,
coordination, improved posture and increased
muscle tone.  Therapeutic riding also promotes
positive emotional and mental skills; as well as the
physical benefits.  The ability to focus attention and
follow directions improves greatly while learning horsemanship
and developing a bond with the horse.  

                                         We offer a specialized mounting area and horses trained
                                         specifically for use as therapeutic animals.

                                           (Please feel free to contact us for additional information)
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Barn:  724.239.3329
Mobile:  412.860.3320
(Ask for Olivia DeCesar)

155 Yankosky Road
Charleroi, Pennsylvania 15022
(724) 239-3329

ly located just south of Pittsburgh, PA.

NOTICE:  All Riders assume the Risk of Equine Activities pursuant to Pennsylvania Law.

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